American Bulldog different breed standards

As of today we have a variety of registration offices with all different Breed Standards.

Most variety of the Breeding standard is the color section, we will show from different registration offices including ourselfs the color section.


American Bulldog Association ( ABA )

Color: All white, pied, or up to 85% color (brindle, red/fawn, black), if there is color on the head it should appear to be color on a white head. Disqualifications: less than 15% white, blue, black and tan, tri-color, merle, full black mask

American Bulldog Registry & Archives ( ABRA )

Color: Solid or varying degrees of white, all shades of brindle, brown, red, or tan are acceptable. Solid black, black and tan, and/or any degree of merle is unacceptable. A full black mask is not acceptable. **Merle is a dilution of overall body color (black or red) with splotches of darker color giving the effect of “merling” or “marbling” not to be confused with Brindle that gives the effect of “striping”.

National Kennel Club ( NKC )

Color: Solid white, or any color pattern including black, red, brown, fawn and all shades of brindle.
Faults: Any degree of merle.
Disqualification: Blue Color.

Real American Bulldog Registry ( RABR )

Color: Solid white or minimum 40% white, with varying degrees of brindle, black, brown, red, and tan is acceptable. Solid/ Flat brindle, brown, red, or tan with less than 40% to 30% white is a cosmetic fault.
25% of white on the head and a tip tail is preferred.
Solid/ Flat black, blue, lilac, black and tan, tri color and any degree of merle is a disqualification.
A full black mask is a disqualification.

*Tri color is white with black and tan patches.

**Merle is a dilution of overall body color (black or red) with splotches of darker color giving the effect of “merling”, or “marbling”, not to be confused with brindle, that gives the effect of “striping”.

United Kennel Club ( UKC )

Color: Any color, color pattern, or combination of colors is acceptable, except for solid black, solid blue, merle, and tricolor (white with patches of black and tan). A full black mask is also unacceptable. Some dark brindle coats may appear black unless examined in very bright light. A buckskin color pattern, where the base of the hair is fawn and the tips are black, may also appear solid black. A judge should not disqualify an American Bulldog for black color unless the dog has been examined in sunlight or other equally bright light.

Serious Fault: Less than 10% white markings.
Disqualifications: Solid black or blue with no white markings; tricolor (white with patches of black and tan); merle; full black mask.


With al the diversity of the breed standards breeders choose what fits the best for their own breeding program. When someone breeds full colored with 10% white marks dogs they are almost welcome with all registries, that is sadning and unacceptable.
The preserver of this wonderfull breed said this in an interview.

VAA: What do you think of an American Bulldog with less than 20% white?
JDJ: Well, it is very rare to get that much color and not typical for an American Bulldog. An American Bulldog is supposed to have a good deal of white. If you get a really good colored American Bulldog in every way, then you should breed it to a dog with less color. You can work it forward and backward; just like your size or just like you do your head, if your dogs get to small you breed to your bigger ones, if you get to much color breed them to white ones. But I’ve never seen that much color on a pure American Bulldog. If they have a lot of color they usually have mainly white on the head some white on the neck and chest, white on all four legs and belly and white on end of their tail. “

So people think twice before you buy an American Bulldog, do good research before you buy.
So called Special colors like blue, lilac, full colored black, black and tan or tri color are not American Bulldogs but crosses.

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