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The Real American Bulldog registry


The American Bulldog is being destroyed, character and appearance are being lost, full colored dogs are being created or colors are bred in like “Blue (dilution of black), Lilac, Champagne, Chocolate, tri-color”.
Crosses are made between different breeds “Greyhound, American Stafford, Old English Bulldog, American bully, English Bulldog and French Bulldog”.

The RABR want to preserve the American Bulldog. Many organizations changed their breed standard to less than 20% of white, as we know today that there is more color than in the past. RABR wants more white back in the American Bulldog.
This is a quote from an interview with John D. Johnson.

VAA: What do you think of an American Bulldog with less than 20% white?

JDJ: Well, it is very rare to get that much color and not typical for an American Bulldog. An American Bulldog is supposed to have a good deal of white. If you get a really good colored American Bulldog in every way, then you should breed it to a dog with less color. You can work it forward and backward; just like your size or just like you do your head, if your dogs get to small you breed to your bigger ones, if you get to much color breed them to white ones. But I’ve never seen that much color on a pure American Bulldog. If they have a lot of color they usually have mainly white on the head some white on the neck and chest, white on all four legs and belly and white on end of their tail. “

RABR want to preserve the pure American Bulldog; that is why we only have breeders on our website that breed the Real American Bulldog.
RABR breeders are dedicated to the American Bulldog and breed to the RABR breed standard.

That is why the RABR started a new registry, that only registers American Bulldog breeders & American Bulldogs that as John D. Johnson says are “Pure American Bulldogs”.

For new American Bulldog owners we want to provide them with as much information as possible, so they know where to find a pure American bulldog and what a pure American Bulldog is.

Our goal is to preserve and register the Real American Bulldog population!